The 6 Best Tools for IT Professionals

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IT professionals usually will install a lot of tools on their computers. You may be interested about what tools they install that make their computers useful. These tools are actually basic programs that assist in you in your daily chores. The following are 6 tools that every IT professional should install on their computers.


Ninite is an installer that allows you to conveniently install all the free applications you need. First, you must go to and select the applications you need. There are applications in various categories such as web browsers, messaging, file sharing, and image editing. Next, you must click the Get Your Ninite button to download the custom installer on your computer. Once the Ninite custom installer is downloaded, you can run the setup for the applications you’ve selected on your computer.


CCleaner can free up disk spaces on your computer by identifying and removing unnecessary files. It can clear up unnecessary files in browser, Windows and non-system apps. It will let you know the amount of space that can be free up in a disk. It also gives you options on what to fix and remove. The built-in registry cleaner can clean up unused entries and repair all the damages that are causing slow performance on your PC. The files shredder can securely delete your sensitive files securely.


Recuva can help you to recover back files that you recently deleted on your hard disk. In the wizard, you can select what type of files you want to recover such as pictures, music, documents, zip files, emails, and videos. It takes only a few seconds to perform the deep scan and file the files. Files that are recoverable are marked in green. The Advanced Mode only work with selected graphic formats and cannot be used for word documents.


HWiNFO is a system information tool that can offer full report on the performance of all your hardware. It can show real time stats about various types of information such as CPU, hard disk, video adapter, memory, and motherboard. HWiNFO is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10. It can give you a complete one-page summary on all the details of the specific hardware. The report is easy to read and navigate and you can export to report to selected devices.

Movavi PDF Editor

Movavi PDF Editor is a pdf editor that let you edit text/images, merge documents, and fill in digital forms. Files can be opened by dragging into the file drop zone. Documents are arrangeable in the file drop zone. The Edit mode of the PDF text editor allows you to draw an editable textbox over a text block that you want to edit. All elements on the page can be rotated, resized and dragged to move to different place son the page. It also offers several valid legal PDF forms for your personal and business needs.


Malwarebytes is an anti-malware tool that allows you to schedule scan and remove malware. The threat scan is the best scanning mode in the software as it allows you to discover various types of threats that are harming your computer. The hyper scan is designed to scan your system memory and startups. You can configure it to monitor selected applications in real time. You can also configure the malware protection feature on selected applications.