How to secure your Wi-Fi from hackers?

Don’t you think that the wireless network has made life easier with easy access anywhere in the house?  Isn’t it true that traditional networks are difficult to manage? But the widely increasing problem is that anyone can steal the bandwidth of your Wi-Fi which is definitely bad for many reasons. Thus, to avoid any sort of security hazard it is best to utilize Etisalat internet connection and do take Etisalat speed test to get to know the decreased internet speed. Protect your computer from hacking or limit the access to your personal details or files by implementing ways on how to secure your Wi-Fi from hackers?

Secure the Wi-Fi network

To secure your Wi-Fi an individual must possess technical skills to take complete control on the computer settings. So, try on some simple tactics: –

  1. To create a unique password

Creating a new and unique password instead of default one will secure the network. It will prevent users from accessing the Wi-Fi and will maintain the settings according to user requirements. The password can easily be changed from Administration settings while the default values will switch to admin and password.

  1. Change the SSID Network`s name

Yes, the wireless network name is always set as default to the brand name of internet provider service or router name, but you can make it more secure by changing the wireless network name. once the predefined network name is set, it will make sure that multiple devices won’t connect to it. It is best to do not use personal information, home address or your name as the SSID networks name.

  1. Use Encryption

To prevent your PC or internet network from hacking, it is best to encrypt the Wi-Fi. Encryption methods like WPA personal, WPA2 and WEP offers the best security on range of compatible devices. Make sure to consider a password with a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters.

  1. MAC address

Do not confuse MAC address with Apple Mac because MAC address is an additional layer that provides security to all wireless router`s settings on all of the specified devices which connects to Wi-Fi. The hardcoded address will allow only one device to stay connected on the network. To filter the MAC addresses, you need to check the network settings of a hardware device.

  1. Reduce the Wireless range

There might be possible that your wireless router is strong enough to throw signals out of your range which may arouse the attention of hacker. It is best to limit the signal range by changing router mode to 802.11g or it is best to use a different channel.  However, if you do not own technical skills, change the position of the router. Try placing it under a bed or wrap foil around the antennas to restrict the signal range.

Connect safely to Wireless network now

All of the tips and tricks on how to secure your Wi-Fi from hackers are applicable. Now when you have filtered the MAC address, or have used encryption, it is best to change the security settings on the hardware devices on which you will need to connect the Wi-Fi network so that you don’t have to enter the password, SSID or other requirements again and again. Do not forget to take Etisalat speed test to know your internet speed.

Enjoy a safe wireless network.